Bella (loquaciousesque) wrote in amaranthaceae,


work is being a pig (and i'm so freezing cold, fingertips = NUMB) so i'm being ever so slow with batches of icons, i hope people liked the last ones. 

This is basically to ask the darlings that joined/watched this comm a question:
"what would you like to see here?" 

That basically covers everything you could think of, what would you like to see more of? What subject matter would you like to see, do you prefer seeing icons with darker colouring or more vibrant? Would you like to see icons with more brush/texture/text (*hiss*) detail, or would you like them to stay simple. I'm asking because i'm interested, and if i like or feel i could work with the suggestions then that's fantastic - it's like christmas has sucked out my muse somehow. 

All comments will be screened, and please do comment, i love comments. They're the best ego boosters, unless of course you're totally bashing that case let's not.

~ Bella X
Tags: suggestions
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