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amaranthaceae's Journal

Amaranthaceae Icons
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About Amaranthaceae Icons
Welcome to amaranthaceae, icons by loquaciousesque (aka. Bella). This community is home to my graphics && tutorials that I offer to your viewing pleasure, so long as you follow my few teeny tiny rules. What do I not do? Well, I don't do css (it takes me forever to write up overrides for my own mediocre layouts) and as it stands I don't give the html codes for userinfo layouts because, well, everyone else does. If you'd like to see something here, or have any suggestions then please comment here, because comments make Bella happy. Currently this community is open, so you don't have to Join to view my icons but if you'd like to then by all means go ahead, and if you'd like to watch this community then even better, that way you'll be first to see when I update.
  • credit amaranthaceae when taking any icons
  • please comment the post with the icon numbers you are taking
  • textless icons are not bases unless otherwise indicated, please do not edit them
  • do not direct link/hotlink
  • do not copy my work or claim it as your own


How to credit:

If you like what you see at Amaranthaceae Icons then please take one of these banners and promote the community, and who knows, if you link me to your promotion I just might (will) make you something for your kindness =]